Maintaining Excellent safety standard at work a primary requirement for the well being of the people engaged.
Other related benefits are better productivity from the project staff and Higher moral at the work place. The safety program is formulated to guide the action of each personnel and the project staff in and around the workplace


To prepare a safety and health program that is complementary with the specific requirement of the contractor’s project safety and health plan


• Eliminating Human suffering that are caused by accidents
• Promoting maximum efficiency through safe work methodology and a safe work environment
• Reducing the indirect and adverse impact arising from accidents
• A guide to implement safety programs at the construction site as per contract


All site personal, employees and visitors must attend the site safety induction or benefing the project site. On-site personnel are further educated about the need for safety through dedicated seminars lead by qualified professionals.

The program covers on international health and safety standards.


• Methods of accident/incident neasrmiss and penalties prevention

• Use safety personal protective equipment

• Frequent site surveys are also conducted to detect potential risks and to recommend measures to be taken for accident prevention .Additionally, safety meeting are organized to encourage adoption of preventive measures for the most frequently accruing accident.


A Safety inspector shall be deployed at the site to carry out the following safty related functions.

• Ensure that workers engaged in any operations are fully aware of the hazards associated with the job and are strictly following safe methods of working

• Promote awareness among the workers about the use of safety equipment.

• Ensure that workers come in proper clothing (overall) and use the right type of safly equipment like goggles, safety boots, helmet. etc.

• Comply with all applicable safety and health related laws. regulation and directives of the government and other agencies of complement jurisdiction .

• Arrange and maintain all safety equipment, fire extinguishers and first aid boxes in good condition are placed in easily accessible locations.

• Make Frequent rounds of the plant or work area and check that all lobs are being done with proper safety precautions

• Immediately report to the site manager in the case of injuries, and /or damage to property of the constructor.

• In case of an accident , submit an accident report in the prescribed format .