We started in 1976… A small workshop called (General Aluminum) in the basement of the Daaboul Building in Damascus, Syria.
Mohammad Daaboul, the Founder, started an aluminum window making business with two other employees, what became a global company today, and one of the largest and most diverse secondary aluminum producer in the Middle East and North Africa, named (Daaboul Industrial Group) Until 2005, General Aluminum had been the leader of the aluminum and glass contracting business in Syria.

It was the year, when the owner board took the decision to grow this business internationally. The Journey took off from Syria to Qatar in the start, and was set to keep expanding as long as it proves to be feasible.

Since 2005, we delivered many very prestigious projects in Syria, Qatar, K.S.A., Lebanon, and Algeria. We are working on projects in Chad and U.A.E. and many new possibilities.

We have used international systems, and sometimes created systems with international standards. We have been repeatedly working with High End customers and are keen to work with many new similar customers.

The growing mode of the company had to correlate with a new brand that reflected the new strategy, especially after introducing a new, young and restructured management team. In 2007 the name became SAMA MADAR, and the slogan became We Rise.


SAMA is to rise to the sky and it is also the sky, to indicate a developing mode.
MADAR is DIG’s most important and recognized industrial brand, and one of the icons of the aluminum world. It is the responsibility of the new team to continue the legend and to take it to a new dimension.


SAMA MADAR specializes in delivering high quality fabricated and installed aluminum and glass works using the best available systems, and based on carefully engineered solutions.

The trained teams utilize the most innovative technology to design, and execute all what the clients require, according to the most complex designs, and within the contractors budget.

This brings a sense of pride and results in high returns for the investors, who improve the working conditions of the workforce, and contribute to the society in return.


SAMA MADAR is the first choice for designers’ developers consultants contractors investors and employees.

It delivers the highest quality, yet still competes on price. It is present in all continents as a leader in the aluminum and glass contracting industry.

Sama Madar sells complete integrated engineered systems. Its slogan, We rise, means that: Everybody of the stakeholders shall win and on all levels.


• Open the horizons for all the new and good ideas in the world of cooperation and management,since knowledge is the light that rises the nations.

• Learn quality from the source, so it can be sincerely and accurately implemented in all projects, whether they are small or big, and wether they are supervised or not.

• Learn economics and master efficiency, so we can best utilize the available resources even when the workload is low.

• Increase our profits, since money is a life necessity that can help build countries and train people.

• Learn honesty, so we can become truthful, for honesty is the solution and else will bring a disaster.


The Legend Dig

It is great pleasure to start with extending my deepest gratitude to our partners in success: those who deal with Daaboul Industrial Group, customers, suppliers, workers and officials.

Before getting into details pertaining SAMA MADAR, as a company of the DIG group. I would like to give a quick review of founding the group and its companies, its points of strength and challenges encountered through its history, in order to familiarize all who relate to it: industrialists, business people, engineers, partners, and agents etc… with its new activities.

Nowadays, it can be said that a company neglects earnest and continued self-development, in this fast changing world, and stays constantly stable is a company doomed to weakness or perhaps vanishing.

The wise man who described science that stops for a reason or another was right when he said: “stable science is like stable ignorance”.

This fact goes beyond the boundaries of science. It is true for all human activities in literature, arts, society, economics and hence in industry.

Daaboul Industrial Group began its industrial activity in 1976 by “General Aluminum Company”. In 1985 it imported the first plant in the country for manufacturing rolling shutters and named it “Madar Rolling Shutter”.
In 1996 and 2002 two new production lines were added to this plant.

Later, a plant for colored strip ceilings was erected, and by the year 1993 the group built a plant for aluminum extrusions and anodizing, which is “Madar Aluminum”, and today it contains four presses with different capacities:
8 inches, two 7 inches presses and 6 inches.

The group, then, established other different industrial installations, comparable and equal to that imported from abroad. Almost all of its machines and equipment are made by its engineers and technicians, of which I mention:
– Die extrusion and correction section.
– Aluminum profiles powder coating section.
– Accessories manufacturing plant.
– Double glazed insulated glass plant.
– Aluminum ladders manufacturing unit.
– Shower and bathtubs cabins manufacturing unit.

By the end of the second millennium Madar Glass ”Universal Tempered Glass” was founded, then machinery and spare parts construction plant.

In 2005 a company was established under the name of ”Madar Coil Coating”, which specializes in Aluminum rolled sheets painting. Madar coil coating has been very successful especially in the export market, serving the leaders of the rolling shutters industry among many others.

The group had establised ”Star Animation” a production Company in 1995, which is considered a leader in animated cartoons industry in the Arab world (cinema, TV, and video). The number of people working in the group exceeded 1,800 employees from both genders.

To conclude, I would like to thank all of the group’s customers, suppliers and workers, to whom the gratitude is owed for Daaboul Industrial Group achieving the marvelous reputation and trust of those dealing with it.

May Allah bless us and direct us to what is good for the country and the nation.

Mohammad Daaboul
Founder and chairman of the board



• We deliver top quality products and services with competitive prices. So the customer enjoys a better performing product, with the highest possible value for money.

• Our chosen Aluminum systems are the Best International systems. This means they are carefully designed and tested to ensure the customer, of a very reliable product and the best possible solution for any requirement. Guarantee is a normal outcome.

• Choosing the most reliable software is essential to Sama Madar’s Strategy, to ensure the right design, planning, execution, and control. This allows for a high level of tracking and helps minimize waste on all levels. In other words the customer will benefit from the minimum possible investment for the purchased product.

• Cross functional teams, integrate the work flow in a way that shortens the cycle time and delivers the project to the customer faster than anybody else. This will result in a higher ROI and ROA for the customer and a faster payback.

• We are professional in project management. We provide customers with periodical reports, so projects are delivered according to schedule.

• The Automated Machinery allows Sama Madar to produce with precision and deliver a consistent quality. This will give our customer the flexibility to design her/his project with the confidence that we are able to deliver.